When we started building HalloApp we asked ourselves:

“Do we want people to create their social networks all over again, after having done so several times on various apps? Or should we just use their phone contacts to automatically connect them with their friends and family?”

We believe your phone contacts represent the “real-relationship network” you have been curating over the years.

So, rather than starting from scratch, the most seamless way to start using HalloApp is through your phone contacts. Simply invite friends & family to HalloApp and you will automatically be connected once they sign up.

Screenshots showing the HalloApp invite flow via iPhone messages app

Conversely, if you see someone on HalloApp you “know” or “know of” but you do not have their phone number in your address book, you will not be able to directly contact them on HalloApp until your phone numbers have been exchanged.

Screenshots of accepting a new contact

Our plan is to continue building features that allow people to fine-tune their HalloApp friends list as more of their contacts join HalloApp.

Here are a few ways you can do so today:

HalloApp Privacy

In your Settings, tap on “Privacy” and select who you would like to share your content with:

Screenshots of privacy controls

If at any point you would like to stop sharing content with someone, you can add them to your Blocked list. This is also under the Settings -> Privacy section of the app.

Screenshots of block list

Hide Posts Inside HalloApp

For all your posts, we tell you who your content has been sent to and who has viewed it. In the bottom right-hand corner of each post, you will see a few relevant faces of who has viewed that post. Tap and you can review who your content has been Seen By.

Screenshots of seen-by list

We also make it easy for you to hide future posts from anyone you choose. Tap on the name of the person you no longer want receiving access to your content and select Hide My Posts. Now, when you publish content to your feed, it will not appear in their feed.

Screenshots of hiding from seen-by list


To better organize your content, you can also share specific posts in Groups curated with any number of people. Groups are great for:

Only people with access to the Group will see content shared there. Privacy settings still apply.

How To Invite Friends & Family To HalloApp

Your address book is the starting point for your HalloApp real-relationship network.

To invite your contacts, tap the Plus button in the upper right-hand corner of the Home screen. You will have the option of sending them an invite via Text or WhatsApp.

Screenshots showing the HalloApp invite flow via iPhone messages app

As soon as they’re in the app, you’ll be notified so you can say Hallo!