Anyone you have a real relationship with in your life knows the sound of your voice.

In a single sentence, they can tell whether you are happy or sad, excited or nervous. They know whether you are being serious or making a joke, or smiling while you talk. And when they hear your voice, feel close to you. It warms their hearts. Just like how, when you hear the voice of your mother, father, sister, brother, or best friend, all of a sudden, they don’t feel so far away.

Because our vision for HalloApp is to help people connect in quality ways, together, in private, we believe audio and the ability to hear someone’s voice plays a meaningful role in nurturing and maintaining relationships digitally.

Audio notes are now live on HalloApp.

In our most recent app update, we pushed live the ability to send audio notes in response to posts and in 1:1 direct messages.

Screenshot of Audio Note response

Audio notes bring a whole new dimension to your real-relationship conversations. They allow for more people to engage and participate if they are on-the-go and unable to contribute via text, as well as allow for more nuanced conversations where tone of voice is crucial for understanding.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Press and hold to talk.

Screenshot after you press the microphone button

In response to a post, or within a 1:1 message, you will see a microphone button in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. You must press and hold the button to record a voice note.

Step 2: Send your audio note.

If you are using the press and hold function to send an audio note, then your audio note will be sent as soon as you finish recording and lift your finger.

If you are using the lock mode function, your audio note will not be sent until you hit the send button.

Screenshot of locked recording ready to be sent

A few things to know about audio notes:

We are very excited about the role voice will play in helping people connect with those closest to them, in private, online. And we are working hard to continue iterating and adding more ways for people to stay in touch with the people who matter most to them.