A simple social app for your everyday moments

A simple social app for your everyday moments

HalloApp is currently invite-only. If you have friends & family who use HalloApp ask them for an invitation.


We’re building a space for people who you actually know and want to connect with. There’s no pressure of sending and accepting friend requests and you don’t have to follow people you don’t know. There are no brands, celebrities (unless you are one yourself!) or ads that come in your way of sharing your everyday life with your friends.


We’re building HalloApp to be a place where you and your friends can be yourself. You don’t have to dress up your pictures if you don’t want to. You can use your phone number to connect with friends you’re already connected to through your address book.


We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. We use your phone number to connect you with friends and family. Beyond that, we never collect, store or use any personal information and never show you ads.

Today we're rolling out 'Groups' to all our beta testers.
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Why address book?
When we started building HalloApp we asked ourselves...
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We are LIVE!
We just went live on Apple’s appstore and Google’s play store.
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